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What is a Back Posture Brace?

Depending on the type of actions you undertake in a day, you can either acquire a good or bad posture. Also engaging in repetitive work can lead to poor posture. Poor posture can pose health issues to your body and you need to exercise often to avoid this.  If you often tend to slouch while working, you will definitely experience neck and back pains at some point and probably need a back posture brace.

Back posture braces are designed to assist you acquire good posture in cases where you cannot be able to exercise. They assist individuals who have poor posture support their backs by providing upper body support. It is therefore necessary that you take action to help maintain your posture or face serious muscle misalignment issues later on.

The whole idea behind back braces is basically to retain your musculature so that your body can maintain a proper position without causing any sort of discomfort.

Back posture problems occur with people through different activities, specifically those that don’t have an inkling of physical excursion about them. For instance, people who spent a major part of their day sitting in front of a computer are most likely to suffer from back posture problems since their muscles in the torso, core muscles and abs start losing their tone. Through back braces, you can actually start helping your muscles get back to how they used to be when you were not an inactive hamster. Back posture problems can also happen to people who have been slumping or slouching for years.

Why slouching is bad?

When you are slouching, you are actually doing your body a great disservice since it is not getting enough oxygen, which in turn affects your energy levels. This would result in you gaining unnecessary weight and become tired and lethargic.

How does it work? The back posture brace helps you acquire good posture by constraining your back and shoulders into the right position. The brace provides the resistance you need to hold your shoulders and neck back therefore helping you maintain a straight back for a long time. After a few weeks you will be able to see the results.

Over using the braces may cause great discomfort to the wearer. Different braces have different periods of time to be worn. It is therefore important you choose a back posture brace that is comfortable to your body. The braces are also made from different types of material. Some from stretchable material like nylon and rubber while others from non elastic materials such as cotton.

A Complete List of the Top Back Posture Braces

I am recommending you the best Back Posture Braces in the U.S.. The table below will list braces with some important features that you have to consider when buying a back posture brace like Comfort, Material, Rating and Price.

Image Product Name Comfort Material Rating Price
BaX-u Back Brace & Posture Support - Black, Large Comfort
80 %
A thin comfortable silk 4.5 Star Rating $$$ Read Our Review
Back Support Belt - Lower Back Pain Support Brace - Relief Belt for Men and Women - Fits Up to 36 Inches Comfort
75 %
Latex-free neoprene construction for thermal/compression therapy and soft tissue 90% Nylon and 10% Lycra 4.0 Star Rating $$ Read Our Review
The 2 in 1 Posture Brace | Posturific (Medium, Beige) Comfort
95 %
Thin Stretch One Stap 4.0 Star Rating $$ Read Our Review
IntelliSkin Men's Foundation Posturecue Tank Tank M Black, Silver Comfort
70 %
CoolCue™ fabric and a bottom elastic silicone band engineered for anti-migration. 56% Nylon / 44% Lycra Power 4.5 Star Rating $$$ Read Our Review
Vktech Lady Chest Support Belt Band Posture Corrector Brace Body Sculpting Strap Back Shoulder Vest Size M Comfort
90 %
Material: 85% Nylon, 15% Polyurethane 3.5 Star Rating $ Read Our Review
BSN Clavical Support BSN Medical Pro-lite Deluxe Clavicle Support (Large) Comfort
60 %
Latex Free, strong straps and soft padding 3.5 Star Rating $$ Read Our Review
Oppo Medical Elastic Posture Aid /Clavicle Brace (Unisex; Natural), X-Large Comfort
80 %
Elastic Straps 4.0 Star Rating $$ Read Our Review
Dr. Wilson's Posture-Support Back Brace with Breathable Straps Comfort
90 %
Velcro material, and it is very flexible 4.0 Star Rating $$ Read Our Review

5 Best Back Posture Braces on the Market

Proper posture is essential for optimal health. We have to face the fact that our lifestyles don’t necessarily support proper posture. Many of us work at computers throughout the day and this makes us slump and twist, causing our spine to become deformed. What is there to do about this? Consider one more thing: The spine and its posture actually feed our organs with energy to do what they do best. Some may say they don’t care about posture. These people are in for some serious pain and possibly diseases in the future. Fortunately there are realistic solutions to help you have perfect posture, making you vital every moment of the day.

There is the option of chiropractic treatment or Yoga and other means of exercise to maintain strength of posture. These are good ideas to fully form a healthy posture. To maintain good posture is also attractive, so there are more benefits besides good health. You will look poised with these solutions. Posture braces will allow you to remain poised and set your muscle tone to orient to proper posture. Then a question arises: Which of these braces on the market are the best and why? Here is a directive to show you the way to better posture.

Back Posture Brace - Bax-U Brace

1. The Bax-U Correct Posture Support System

It is important to keep in mind you will not always be wearing a brace. You wear it during critical times up to six hours a day. When you have to spend time slumped over computer work, wear your brace. The Bax-U system is a brace developed by Dr. Romina Ghassemi. She wanted to create an ideal back brace for people so they could enjoy pain-free living and overall health while they also look better. This is a noble goal and this brace has worked for so many people. This may be the best back posture brace. Still, there are others to explore.

The general idea is to make a back brace that is adjustable, so as you progress in proper posture, you can adjust the brace as needed. Dr. Ghassemi also wants you to be comfortable wearing the brace, so it is simple and subtle. This means you cannot tell it is there under clothing and it is actually comfortable. In fact, you may feel better just wearing it. This is just one of the effective solutions to correct a poor posture, but made with the intention to be effective. Consider this as an option.

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Back Posture Brace - Intelliskin

2. IntelliSkin Men’s Foundation Shirt 2.0 V-Neck

This is obviously a support for men. You see, what you will come to realize is that men and women having different postural needs. Men need to have a raised chest supported by strong back muscles. The IntelliSkin Men’s Foundation Shirt 2.0 V-Neck does exactly this. It is a shirt which poises men to their natural structure. This shirt is designed to work with you in a non-forceful manner. The idea is to stimulate proper posture with reinforcing support. Men searching for good workout wear should look into this. You can also wear this under normal clothing and be an attractive manly force, as you deserve to be. This is the best back posture brace for men who want optimal posture in action. It is reasonably priced and exceedingly practical. This is meant for action. Men out there take heed: If you are into action, try this back brace out.

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Back Posture Brace - Posturfiic3. The 2 in 1 Posture Brace: Posturific Brace

This is a simple postural brace designed by Chiropractor, Dr. Dorsey. He tried to find a way to maintain patient posture after being treated. This is a very important concept in Chiropractic Medicine. He created a simple, adjustable brace. It is simply a well-designed strap. It is intended to be used in conjunction with Chiropractic treatments. So, consult your Chiropractor for proper use and adjustments. They do offer a 30-Day Money back guarantee. This is a considerable option for anyone adjusting to progressive treatment. It may look a bit simple in design, but it is highly effective.

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Back Posture Brace - FLA Orthopedics Deluxe Clavicle4. FLA Orthopedics Deluxe Clavicle Support

Orthopedically designed, the FLA Orthopedics offers a range of body support options. They offer a Deluxe Clavicle Support system. This is a brace, but it aims at supporting the clavicle bones in their natural posture. These are the tiny bones running laterally below your neck. They are critical for proper posture, so it seems reasonable to set them in their proper place when imbalanced. Please remember, if you are injured, to seek the advice of a professional. This is the kind of brace intended to be used with medical supervision, but a good brace at that. It may be the best back posture brace for you. Shoulder support is the focus and shoulder balance is essential to proper posture.

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Back Posture Brace 5. Oppo Medical Elastic Posture Aid

This brace comes back to the idea of clavicle support, but with added back support. This is a well designed product which can help you reach optimal posture. It balances the shoulders and hips as well as the lower back to create ideal balance from the top to the bottom of the spine. Remember the idea here: You want to improve your posture so you can improve your overall health. This is a design you can use on your own, but it is always a boost to seek Chiropractic or Orthopedic aid when there are serious injuries or malformation involved. Otherwise, you are looking at one of the most balanced back braces on the market. You decide what fits for you, but this is a prime choice not to be overlooked.


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Just 5 Options

Hopefully this will help you narrow the field when you are searching for the best back posture brace for you. It is little to choose from, but it is based on real use and real data. People have restored good posture with these products. Exercise and a good diet can add to the benefits. Talk with your healthcare professional about your options. You have five leading options. You do what you need to do for you, but the advice of a skilled professional can go a long way in choosing the right back brace.

Things to look for when buying the Best Back Posture Brace

Cause Bad PostureA back posture brace is a garment used to remedy back posture problems. The brace functions as a guide for proper alignment of back muscles for the achievement of a healthy posture. In this regard, the brace exerts pressure on your back forcing your shoulders back and straightening your back. The back posture brace is not restricted to persons of a particular age and can be used by women, men, adults, and children. Sold over-the-counter, the levels of support offered by braces varies, which makes purchase challenging. Fortunately, there are some factors to consider when purchasing a back posture brace. These factors are discussed below.

Area of need

Different types of back posture braces are designed to focus on specific back muscles. Therefore, it is important to consider which part of your back you wish to concentrate on. For some, it may be the lower back while for others it may be the middle or upper back. The best back posture brace is one that is able to remedy your specific back problems. If you wish to offer support to your entire back, a posture brace designed to offer support to the lower, middle and upper back will be ideal.


A back posture brace is only as good as the material it is constructed from. Therefore, when purchasing posture braces insist on quality. The most common materials used in the making of back posture braces include lycra, spandex, and latex. While latex is a flexible material, it is less breathable compared to lycra, spandex, and other materials. Thus, it would be wise to avoid braces made from latex. All other materials used in the making of braces offer adequate ventilation, but some are not as flexible as latex. The material used will be another factor to consider when purchasing a back posture brace.


The best back posture brace ought to be comfortable enough for everyday use. Thus, another important factor to consider is how comfortable a brace is. A brace’s comfort is determined by its overall design. For example back posture braces with shoulder straps can be uncomfortable if the shoulder straps are thin, the reason being that the thin straps tend to dig into your underarm causing discomfort. To avoid this, it is recommended you purchase a brace with large straps or one with some kind of padding under the straps. Alternatively, you could wear a T-shirt under the brace to avoid any discomfort caused by the brace.


Back posture braces are designed to be worn by people of different heights and body types. In this regard, the best back posture brace is one that is able to accommodate different body types and measurements. Therefore, it is essential to consider the adjustability of a brace’s straps. A back posture brace with adjustable straps can be worn by people of different body types. It is important to note that how well a brace fits you will depend on how adjustable the straps are. Furthermore, a good fitting brace is good for your posture.

The brand

With every back posture brace manufacturer claiming to be the best, finding the right brand to purchase from can be difficult. However, there are a number of things that will point to a brand being reliable and reputable. First consider whether the brace you are purchasing has a warranty. A warranty gives you an assurance that the manufacturer is confidence with their product. Secondly, it is important to consider what other brace users are saying about a particular brand. Be wary of brands that lack a good track record. Also, do not be in a rush to purchase the cheapest braces in the market.


Another important factor to consider is the size of the back posture brace as not all have shoulder straps. Before purchasing a back posture brace, measure yourself appropriately. The general rule is that a good brace should be one that fits your size. Therefore, when selecting a brace to purchase, consider your body size as well as shape. In addition, to measuring yourself you can check what other users are saying in regards to a particular brace size. The reviews of other users will be particularly useful if you are taller or shorter than average.

Style and design

It is true that most back posture braces are unisex; however, it is important to consider the style and design of a brace before purchase. For starters, some unisex braces look more like bras than braces. To save yourself the embarrassment or the disappointment consider purchasing a brace whose design and style appeals to your tastes and preferences. Also, it would be a good idea to purchase a male back posture brace instead of a unisex posture brace. If you want a brace you can wear under a t-shirt, consider purchasing one that is not visible under the t-shirt.

Type of Braces

Back posture braces can be categorized into shoulder and lower back braces. Shoulder braces are worn over the shoulders and focus on the shoulders and upper back. Shoulder braces train your shoulder muscles to stay back and encourage your upper back to straighten. These types of braces are recommended for persons who sit for lengthy periods. Lower back braces, on the other hand, are worn around the abdominal area. The core function of these braces is stabilization of the lower back. Lower back braces are ideal for persons who do a lot of heavy lifting, which exposes their lower backs to strains, and other muscle injuries.

Professional recommendation

Though back posture braces are purchased over the counter, it would not hurt to consult a physician prior to purchasing a brace, especially if you suffer from a lower back injury. A doctor or physician is able to recommend the best back posture brace to purchase based on your body’s health needs. The recommendation of a doctor will be of importance when purchasing a support brace. Therefore, though it is not a requirement, it is advisable to seek professional advice on the effects of different brace types on the body.

Posture problems

For one reason or another, your body’s posture has changed and it has not changed for the good either. An inactive routine, willingness to work extra hours at the office, starting the monitor screen and sleeping on the couch at the weekends has ruined your posture. Thing is that you may not even feel the impact of your daily routine quickly. It all surfaces after a few years but then it is too late. However, there are always many ways to find out what went wrong. Here, we have listed a few problems related to posture. By following a few basic activities, you’ll come to find out exactly what posture problems you’re facing at the moment.

Over-pronated feet

This is an issue which you may never come across but if ignored, can cause quite a few problems in the future. In order to find out exactly how your feet are doing, put both hands an inch away from each side of your foot. Straighten your ankle in a way that the spaces between each hand and your ankle are equidistant. Once you’ve managed to do that, allow your ankle and feet to rest naturally. If during the movement your foot and ankle cave inwards, it means you have over-pronated feet.

Why does this happen?

Obesity, pregnancy, wrong footing apparel or consistent work on a hard surface can affect the arch leading to over-pronation and can even result in flat feet.

Tackle the problem now

If you feel that the arch has already gone out of its place, using orthotics will be enough to minimize the damage. Moreover, you need to start running or walking to strengthen the arches.

Forward Hip Tilt

Why does this happen?

Though it’s a bit tricky, you can tilt your pelvis forward as far as you can and repeat the process backwards to find out the fault in your hip tilt. Too much sitting and little or no stretching shortens the hip flexors.

Tackle the problem now

Static lunges are the way out to stretch your hip flexors. The crescent lunge for instance is great at adding strength to your hip flexors. Similarly, glute bridges activate your glutes.




If you feel like you’re walking like the affable hunchback from Notre dame, it is because your upper back has an excessive curve that may have increased over time due to sitting with bad posture for years.

How to solve the hunch?

Massage balls can help relieve chest tightness. Stretching your upper back postural muscles on a daily basis will help minimize the excessive curve over time. But then again, you need to be consistent about it.

Rounded Shoulders

Image result for rounded shoulders pencil testThe best way to figure out what’s wrong with your shoulders is the Pencil Test which requires you to hold a pencil in each hand. If the pencils are pointing straight forward with your arms sitting comfortably along your sides, your posture is fine. However, if the pencils are rotated at an angle or are facing each other, your shoulders have a posture problem that needs to be addressed.

Why does this happen

Usually, when you’re sitting at work, typing or doing something that renders your posture imbalanced, your shoulders start rotating internally.

The solution

The solution is more or less same as the one that you’d use for correcting the hunchback posture. However, once again, you need to be very consistent in your activities in order to really eradicate this problem.

Forwarded head

Image result for forward headIn order to find out what’s wrong with your head posture, ask someone take a picture of you standing sideways. If your ear lobe is one top of the AC joint, everything is fine but if that’s not the case, you have a forward head posture.

How did that happen?

Over time, muscles in the back of the neck become tight while you’re sitting hunched over and starting at the monitor screen.

How do I solve this problem?

The best way to take care of this problem is by sliding your head backward while keeping your line of sight ahead. But that would be just a start. You need to get a massage or use a massage ball against your upper back which will help relieve some of the tension that has been residing around your neck.