7 exercise to help strengthen your back muscles

Strengthen Your Back with These Exercises

When it comes to holding up a nice body posture, it is of importance that one keeps the back and core muscles fully engaged. Regular exercising also keeps pesky pains of the back at bay- such pains can be quite annoying and render you unable to undertake any tasks. This means that one should always exercise and below are a few exercises that are not only fun to take out but also help to strengthen your back muscles, keep your body in a well shaped and also in good health.

  1. Barbell Dead lift.

This is a back exercise that aims to hit the whole posterior chain going down from the upper traps to the calves. In most cases the catch for this particular exercise is learning the technique but once you master it you are good to go. When working out it advisable that you start by lifting sets of less than six and after take a short break then you can go back to the dead lifts again. However, if you are a first timer it is advisable to go slow so that your muscles can fully adapt to the lifts. This is one of the most recommended exercises as it strengthens your entire structure of the bones and programs your strength too.

  1. The superman exercise.

Another great exercise for your back and this one basically involves mostly the lower back. To do it:

– Start by stretching out straight with your face downward.

– Then place both of your hands over the ears, moreover, you could widen them out in front of your face (you achieve that posture of superman while he is flying).

– Then simultaneously try and lift your legs, chest and arms and keep the body held up in the same position for close to five or ten seconds.

– Exhale as you do the above while lowering your body to the position you started in.

– The most recommend sets are three each involving about twelve repetitions in total.

One may also choose to modify the exercise by lifting a member of the body at a time; one could also move the lower and upper body at different times while keeping the feet at the ground. This exercise strengthens your entire lower back and keeps the strength intact.

  1. The Bridge.

This is often referred to as an all rounded beck strengthening exercise as it involves counteracting the nervous tension that is placed on the body often through sitting down the whole day. This balance element that is emphasized by this exercise helps an individual gain some sort of stability which safeguards against any form of injury. Aside from this, the bridge exercise is also known to lengthen and stretch the hip flexors which are fundamental when dealing with back pains and keeping the back muscles flexible.

To start:

– Begin by lying on the back with both feet on the floor with the width of the hip apart.

– Slowly loosen up the arms through the sides by gently wringing the gluteal muscles.

– While doing the above, simultaneously lift the hips toward the ceiling all this time forming a very straight line going down from the knees to the chest area. The knees should also remain parallel to one another.

– Hold up for about four counts, once this is done slowly and gently go back to down again.

– One should aim for about twelve to fifteen repetitions.

Should the need for a modification arise, try and lift the leg (just one) vertically so that the foot is faced toward the ceiling. Once this is done, flex that foot while trying to keep the hips even. This is known to make the entire exercise a bit hard and starting small is often advised when it comes to the modifications.

  1. The front plank exercise.

The plank is often associated with working the obliques and the abs while at the same time helping to strengthen the back, glutes, shoulders and the quadriceps.

The procedure involves:

– Begin by lying gently on the stomach.

– Subsequently raise yourself and onto your toes and elbows while at the same time keeping the back straight.

– Ensure the neck and head stay in line with both the back and the shoulders too, stay directly on top of your elbows.

– Pull the abs tightly while drawing the belly button in the direction of your spine. Do not stick the bottom up as it will always be termed as cheating and the exercise won’t be as effective.

– Always aim for about three repetitions beginning with about twenty five to thirty seconds for each then working your way to a minute.

A modified front plank exercise mostly involves dropping down to the floor with the knees; once you do this, keep up a straight line from the shoulders all the way to the knees and always keep this in mind that the core should be sucked in firmly.

  1. The wall slide.

Often advised by many if not all physical therapists and is an excellent exercise for strengthening your muscles.

The procedure involves:

– On the wall, stand with the back pressed to the wall; this means that the back of your shoulder blades, butt and head should all be in contact with the wall.

– Your feet should be out in just about one foot from that same wall.

– Take up your arms then revolve them up and about till the knuckles are touching the wall roughly at an ear level-it is considered as the initial point.

– Work to maintain these contact points while sliding the hands over and up the head while at the same time maintaining the knuckles in touch with the wall.

– This exercise works in about three sets each involving about fifteen reps.

– Ensure consistency.

  1. Leg raises using a stability ball.

This exercise involves using the legs to help the back workout. It basically involves:

– Lie on the stability ball whilst your face faces down and the hips are just above the ball.

– Once you do this, place both hands in front of you and on the floor.

– Then, lift the legs upward should be at the same time and as far as is possible without any feel of pain.

– Maintain this position for about four seconds then slower get back down.

This should be done for close to eight or ten repetitions while emphasizing on the back.

  1. The normal pull ups

This is by far the easiest work out that is suitable for your back. One should do as many as possible while starting one to about four. Once you do this, try four to ten sets of the exercise and at the same time focusing on the back muscles and strength.

Trying the above exercises will help strengthen your back muscles giving you that appealing and strong back.