Is Your Commute Wrecking Your Posture? 3 Driving Hacks to help

Want to Stop Wrecking Your Posture?

Do you drive regularly? Well, there are a few straight questions to you. Are you sure you are not wrecking your posture? Are you dealing fair to your neck and back? Are you keeping your posture right while you drive or commute?

Wondering how to find out answers to these questions? You have reached the right place. This article intends to make you understand the ways by which you are wrecking your posture. It also educates you on certain hacks through which you can save your back and neck.

See the statistics

Let us start by analysing data which will help you understand why this article makes sense. An average US citizen spends up to an hour daily in commuting, if US census Bureau data is to be believed. That shows that you spend a significant number of hours in commuting only, if you take it in a monthly basis. However, smart phones and laptops are already ruining our back and neck during the rest of the day. So totally you are doing badly to your back and neck by wrecking your posture.

How it affects health?

When you are sitting in the wrong position, you are giving overstrain to your back and neck. In fact, your spine is brutally tortured while you ruin your posture while sitting, driving, using smart phones, etc. There are number of health hazards associated with it. Here goes the major health hazards:

  • Psychosocial issues

Did you know that there are psychosocial issues created by wrong sitting posture? Yes, it is true. You get mood disorders and increased stress levels if you are not sitting properly for hours on end. It increases job stress and affects your performance level.

  • Musculoskeletal Disorders

Drivers and regular commuters are at a higher risk of getting musculoskeletal disorders if they are not sitting properly. Studies have made it clear that drivers get frequent neck pains and back pains than other workers. When you continuously sit in wrong posture for long, you are prone to get postural back ache.

  • Spinal & joint dysfunction

Wrong posture can cause spinal and joint dysfunction as well. You may get long term damage or pain as the muscle changes when you continuously sit by wrecking your posture.

Decreases lung capacity

Yes, sitting in the wrong position decreases the capacity of your lungs. It can impede the ability of the lungs to expand. The muscles in the lungs will not be able to work as per the optimal capacity, and it brings down your breathing capacity. And there is no need to mention the reaction if your lungs are weak.

How you can save yourself?

Are you getting worried over the possible consequences of sitting in the wrong posture while driving? Your driving instructor will teach you everything about safe driving. But many times they forgot to educate you on the sitting posture while you drive to avoid the health issues associated with it. Here goes three driving hacks which everyone should know to avoid the health hazards caused by wrong postures.

  • Position your seat correctly

It is very important to adjust your seat position is support of your back. Luckily our car manufacturers do a bit of research and they make it in such a way that we do not feel uncomfortable while we travel. But what if we do not use it properly? Many drivers make this mistake of not adjusting the seat properly and complain of pain in the back and neck.

When you drive, your shoulders or neck should not be bent forward. It is best if the shoulder rest in the seat back. Adjust the seat position in a way that you need to have to bend forward to manage the steering. You can adjust the seat very well that your shoulder will not feel the stress.

  • Let the rear-view mirror monitor you!

There are more uses from a rear-view mirror than you think. It is very normal for you to not to continue for long in a new position however. Normally people get in to the car, sit in the right position, and start to drive. But after a few minutes, they lose their upright posture and tend to lean front and give stress to the back.

So how can you tackle this problem? Here is a small tip. Let the rear-view mirror consciously remind you about the wrong position. Each time when you look at the mirror, it will remind you that your sitting position is not the right one. You need to consciously tell yourself that you are in a wrong position, and correct it.

However, it is a matter of few days only. You will get used to the new and correct position after a few days. Till then consciously make sure that you are not stressing your back. You can also use a towel or small pillow to ensure the correctness of your shoulder and neck.

  • The steering hack you should know

Next is how you need to adjust your hands and the steering wheels. If you have an adjustable steering wheel, try bringing it closer to give maximum control. Adjust your hands in such a way that it does not create stress on the shoulder or neck. Keep the angle between your hand and the steering wheel comfortable that it not create tension on your hand muscles.

Adjust your seat position in such a way that you are able to manage the steering comfortably. The seat position should not create any strain on your upper back, lower back or neck, arms and even wrists. There is no need to put pressure on the steering which in turn creates tension on the neck and shoulders.

Safe & healthy driving!

Try to develop a proper driving position which does not harm your back. Hope these simple techniques help you to correct your sitting position and thereby keep the health of your spine intact. Make sure you do consult your medical expert in case of continuous pain for long!