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Intelliskin is a company that specializes in manufacturing stealth wear so as to help us have a high performance lifestyle. It is basically described as a human technology company that invented smart compression

We all have episodes where our whole body aches after a day of multiple events. I am definitely tired of the number of lazy mornings that have resulted from this. Most of us are unaware that this is usually mostly because of the inappropriate postures we take while doing certain activities which are tedious. This company’s products have therefore focused on trying to ensure that you are more comfortable by focusing on enhancing your body’s natural ability to support itself hence improving your posture, alignment and improving your body’s maximum capacity. It is like your intelligent second layer of skin. The products have a fletch on the back.


Getting Started With Intelliskin Back Posture Brace Review – Product Specifications


  • Intelliskin Back Posture Brace
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  • Description: Intelliskin Back Posture Brace Reviews
  • Instantly make you look better, feel better, perform better
  • Improve recovery time from workouts/injury
  • Correct muscle imbalances
  • Reduces back and neck pain
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So what is good posture?

This means you have your chest up and open and your back is in its natural curve. When standing it should be in a straight position with your shoulders held back. All these are postures that your body naturally has to optimize your position. Exercising is a good way that will help in promoting good posture but how many of us who are moms, dad’s businessmen, grandparents and many more all at the same time get to do this. Therefore buying a posture brace is a way of avoiding bad posture habits and improving your general health.

 How do you choose a good posture brace for best results?

It should align your back and shoulders into the right position so as to promote good posture.

It usually has elastic material strapped to the back to maintain good posture for the person who is using it.

It should provide good support the whole day.

After a few weeks of continuous use, your body takes the new posture it has been trained on even without the brace on.

Choose a brace depending on the amount of time you want to have it on as they all have different specifications. Over wearing the wrong kind of brace can lead to discomfort to the user.

Who can wear a posture brace on their body?

It is mainly worn by athletes like basketball players, footballers, individuals whose jobs involve standing or bending a lot like modeling, dancers, muscle training especially for those with kyphosis, individuals with fractures or sprains of course with the doctor’s supervision and those who enjoy frequent workouts. The brace takes getting used to as it is initially uncomfortable but the results are worth it.

Intelliskin posture cue tank top is a uniquely designed model that creates intelligent feedback between your mind and your posture. It comes in the form of tanks, t- shirts or a V-neck.

How does it work?

It supports your most important features like tones and muscles, therefore resulting in proper alignment, posture and performance. The shoulders have a specific intelliFoam panel that optimize performance and fit by gripping like functional taping.

The Intelliskin Back Posture Brace is an aesthetic marvel and something that you can wear while training. The sleek design makes sure that you’re wearing a complete athletic gear while the technology ensures that your back posture is always in great position during workouts and drills. However, this product will give you quite a serious reminder the moment you start disregarding your posture – something I have found very useful since as the old adage says, old habits die hard!

Intelliskin Back Posture Brace Details and Features

        • Quality and material

The shirt materials consist of special fibers that are of the highest quality. They are compression fabrics and are more resilient as compared to the materials in our day to day fabrics. They have reinforced stitching to prevent tears and give it added durability properties.

It provides flexibility hence a greater range of mobility. The posture mesh panels help to ensure your breathing, spine posture and scapula support are at the optimum level. The shirt has anti-microbial and yet moisturizing property that minimizes body odor and keeps you dry.

We all hate being sun burnt especially on the extra ordinarily hot days. This shirt helps to protect your skin by providing SPF protection.

How do you maintain it?

The shirt can be washed in machines in cold water.

Hang it to dry but do not iron.

Intelliskin Back Posture Brace


Currently the Intelliskin Back Posture Brace is offered in Men and Women in a couple different colors and lots of sizes.  Check Them Out Now


Intelliskin Back Posture Brace Pros

They can be worn during exercising or as under clothes during the day.

They help to improve recovery time after exercising or an injury.

It has an adjustable mechanism which makes it comfortable.

The improvement of posture comes with extra credits like reduced neck and back pain.

It can be worn as an under cloth and still leave you feeling good and fashionable.

It corrects imbalances in muscle that are to blame for most injuries, pain and bad posture

They have a reminder for you when you sit in the wrong posture.

It comes in different sizes so that you are not left out.

It is comfortable. It has silk added to it just for this purpose.

It is durable.




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A Few Intelliskin Back Posture Brace Review Concerns

However, there are a few flipsides to wearing this back brace for longer durations:

  • Some people may find the product to stiff and uncomfortable which basically means that wearing it for long durations might not be the greatest decision you’ve made.
  • Some people have complained that it cuts into the under arm around the armpits when worn for too long.
  • They are extremely hard to take off.
  • The messaging at the shoulders only works when they are worn tightly.
  • They are very expensive and cannot be easily resold after being used. takes time to correct your posture
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For those who have injuries like on the shoulder this product may not be so appropriate. A word of caution is also offered to individuals with any medical condition or have a pace maker and other circulatory problems, always ensure to consult your doctor before purchasing this company’s products.

Intelliskin products are made in a way that they are appealing to the consumer as it is comfortable and the designs are a sight to behold. They did not let us down in this department.

The back posture brace is not the only product they produce, others include:

Control tights, posture cue sports bras which are mainly for women so that we are all together in this generation with better postures.

In conclusion, as a consumer this product will make your life better with a few pointers like avoid wearing it for too long and always check with your doctor if you have a medical condition.

However posture is all about the individual. Always reminding yourself to sit in the right posture will do away with common problems like neck and back pains. Frequent exercising can also contribute to better results. This will put you in a category where you don’t necessarily need the posture cue product.  We hope you enjoyed our Intelliskin Back Posture Brace Review!

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Intelliskin Back Posture Brace

Intelliskin Back Posture Brace
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