The best posture braces for 2017

Best Posture Braces for you

With the start of the new year, those with persistent back problems or those that arise with a constant issue with posture, would be seeking out the best posture braces in the market that are suited to their postural needs. Here, as always, we will move heaven and earth in a bid to give you the best reviews and analyses of some of the most efficient posture braces that have hit the stores in 2017.

However, we also urge you to seek the best medical advice available in order to decide on the best posture braces for your needs. Every person has a different need of a posture brace so if one posture brace is doing wonders for you, may not have the same effect on someone else.

In the market, you will come across a wide range of posture braces. If you have slouching shoulders there are braces that have think straps that will dig into your underarm regions which can be a very painful and equally annoying issue. So it is always better to opt for straps that are either big or come with extra padding.

Another thing that you must bear in mind is that thriftiness in this type of purchasing is going to add to your problems. While most people prefer going for bargains, when it comes to correcting your posture, price is not supposed to be an object. Always remember that what you’re buying is purely for your health which is something no one should compromise on.

With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the best posture braces that you can purchase from Amazon.

Deluxe Clavicle Shoulder Posture Support

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If your shoulders are slouching for most part of the day it is because you have been neglecting the need for a good posture for many years. Sometimes, you may feel a particular sort of soreness around your shoulder blades. This is because the posture has been ruined little by little over the years. However, no need to worry about it!

With the Deluxe Clavicle Shoulder Posture Support in your armory, you will not have to worry about your shoulder posture. Taking inspiration from the back pack sense of style, a flat ring eases pressure on the spinal column since it pulls shoulders back to align the clavicle while also providing support. Soft padding takes care of the moisture while a simple on and off program allows you to use the device when you want and wherever you want. The brace can be machine washed.

The functioning of this brace is very simple. The soft padded straps provide firm support to the shoulder muscles and realign them in a way that they cannot stay away from returning to a good posture in no time. The materials science behind this brace is excellent since the design sees the shoulders get pulled back, aligns the clavicles and provide excellent postural support.

Ever since the product has hit the stores, people have been really impressed with its efficiency, stating how the brace reminded them of things they should have taken care of a long time ago. Initially, the brace will hurt your muscles a bit as they will be forced into returning to their original setting after a long time. But then again, this is bound to happen and in the long term, will prove to be a good thing.

Purely based on the reviews given by customers on Amazon, where most people stated that wearing the device helped them get their posture corrected. The best feature of this brace is that the moment your shoulders hunch towards an undesirable posture, it will become uncomfortable which is basically a gentle reminder for you to return your shoulders to a healthier posture.

Indeed the device is not elastic gimmick. Once you find the strength within yourself to move on from the minor discomfort under your arms, you will experience the sort of posture you enjoyed as a youngster. After a week or so, you will get used to this brace around your shoulders.

So if you have any sort of back, neck or shoulder problems, we strongly recommend that you try your luck with what we can safely call one of the best posture braces in town.

Lower Back Posture Brace by NMT


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Has freedom of movement without having to worry about twinging and incessant pain been nothing but a pipedream for you? Are you one of those poor souls whose back posture has taken a path where the slightest of movements ends up in your grimacing and wincing in pain? Do you have inflammation and swelling in your muscles which restricts your movements on a daily basis?

Well if that’s the case for you then you need to be worried. Over the years, not giving due attention to your posture can affect your body’s immune system.

Thankfully though there are manufacturers out there who offer braces that not only provide support but also help cure the main cause of your problem. One of those brands is NMT (NeoMedina Tech) – a brand that is using the groundbreaking Magnetic Natural Therapy which apart from providing support to your body, helps improve the immune system, stimulates the metabolism and helps your body to heal itself after usage for a period of time.

If you have persistent lower back troubles then this is the perfect brace for you. It is very easy to use and is bound to make a lot of changes to your posture in a few days.

For those people whose love for some sport resulted in them suffering from back pain, this is the perfect gadget. Users claim that after using the device for just three days, pain started diminishing considerably. Moreover, the brace’s quality has been lauded by many customers on Amazon. The product gives great torso support and alleviates pain that could arise from strenuous working conditions, accidents or sporting injuries.

Those who are suffering from acute lower back arthritis must get themselves this product since it will result in them standing up without feeling any stiffness around the torso. Moreover, standing for longer periods of time will not be a problem with this back brace taking care of your lower back.

The maximum waistline coverage of this product is 42” and the product is made from 100% latex.

Product Specifications

  • Will Fit Waist between Approx. 34in to 40in. Therapeutic. FDA Approved. 100% Latex/Chemical Free.
  • Safely Stimulates Blood Circulation for Effective Pain Relief & Healing the cause, not just symptoms
  • Boosts Immune System, Metabolism, and Production of Collagen. It Targets Injured Cells, Detoxifies.
  • Comfortably Adjusted and Subject to Individual Sensitivity Levels, It Generates Body Warmth Within.
  • Lightweight, Breathable, Flexible, Washable Device. ‘Learn to Heal Through Magnetic Therapy’ eBook.

Cincher’s Back Brace Supporting Belt for Women

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Designed specifically for the female form, Cincher’s Back Brace Supporting Belt is one of the best posture braces of the year because it adds a lot of support to the lower back which is the region which women put under stress the most on a daily basis.

The belt is made out of high density power mesh, has an hourglass shaping, wide elastic triple side pulls and vertical support elements through which compression is added to those areas that are the most vulnerable to stress and damage. This brace gives special focus to spinal alignment through compression to the abdomen and the lower back.

With adjustable shoulder straps and front closures and flexible spiral stays, women can fit the belt according to their liking.

However, we must tell you that this product is not a miracle performer. The age of miracles came and went away eons ago so if you have a healthy lifestyle where you treat your lower back with nonchalance, then you must be ready to bear some consequences. With this device around your lower back, it would be better to perform some sort of physical therapy to relief the pain and add some much needed strength to the back muscles which we’re sure, haven’t been taken care of that well for many years.

There might have been tons of braces that you used and threw away after a few days but this one actually works, albeit after a few struggles. It is better to wear a thin shirt under this brace because it will chafe if you move a lot.

The device can be worn out doors and since the colors aren’t that bright, can be concealed easily. However, this device requires a lot of consistency on the user’s part to provide ultimate relief to your back pains. However, even if you don’t have such worries, it is always safe to wear it when you are involved in an activity where your lower back muscles will be put under a lot of stress.

On a side note, it would be better to consult your physiotherapist before you put on this brace. Another thing that you should keep in mind is that the item is non-returnable once worn.

FLA Orthopedics’ Clavicle Support Deluxe, Extra Large


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If you have sprains, fractures or shoulders that are in dire need of a postural change, the support brace from FLA Orthopedics will do the trick for you. A simple figure hugging design may look very bland but this thing does wonders. Two straps are connected to a ring and wrap around the front of your arms or shoulders. The straps are made with soft padding which also acts as an absorbent. This material means that you can have the brace wrapped around your shoulders all day long without feeling the slightest of discomfort. Wearing this brace on a daily basis will eventually see you shoulders get pulled back while the clavicle starts aligning, thus taking some much-needed pressure off the spine.

This high quality clavicle brace is going to last for a very long time and is a perfect remedy for sprains, shoulder instability and fibromyalgia. The device comes in five sizes but you need to be aware that it is not for correcting skeletal malformations.

Most buyers have been very impressed with this product and a majority of them state that the brace gives a lot of comfort. Moreover, this brace is very adjustable so you can make small improvements to your posture on a daily basis.

If your daily routine sees you hunched over a computer all day long and this has been the case for several years, you have already ruined your postures while your shoulders are slumping all day long. However, you can reinvigorate your muscles with some targeted exercise but would also end up requiring help to reduce upper back pain. This product will help you with that. However, if there is one minor issue that could arise is that after a few days, the stitching where the straps meet at the back, starts unraveling. This is because the manufacturer hasn’t used a thread of stronger quality. In case this happens with you, we recommend you to get the strapping sewn with a nylon thread rather than replacing it.

Mag Eyes’ Posture Pleaser by Body Rite

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Definitely not the sleekest design out there but the Mag Eyes’ Posture Pleaser is one of the best posture braces of the year because it gets the job done. As one of the best answers to back, shoulder and neck pain, this ergonomic product addresses such problems for people from all walks of life. The brace sees your shoulders get pulled back with counterbalance which ensures that your posture is straightened in a quick manner.

However, you may not notice the results from the word go and might start doubting the efficiency of this product. But after some time, you will be able to tell the difference. Wearing this brace will not result in your shoulders getting all tensed out. Moreover, taking the brace off and on is pretty easy and you can also conceal it underneath your shirt. What you may find uncomfortable about this brace is that after wearing it for a couple of hours or so, the straps under the arms will start rubbing against your body which can bring you some discomfort. For this problem, you can always adjust the straps to avoid underarm pain.

Oppo Medical’s Elastic Posture Brace


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After an unfortunate accident or an injury where people usually ending up fracturing their collarbone or those people who have round shoulder issues, the Oppo Medical’s Elastic Posture Brace is one of the best posture braces is town since it steadily improves the posture of your body by aligning your bones and joints. The whole brace is made out of elastic material through which a user can enjoy natural and non-restrictive body movement without any pain.

Thanks to the overall construction of this brace, it feels great against bare skin. If you feel that the brace is not pulling back your shoulders as much as you would like to, you can move the waist strap a little downward. The color is another great feature since it won’t show up under white shirts.

Breg Braces’ Clavicle Brace


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We got to give a tip of our hats to Breg Braces for providing us with one of the best posture braces of the year. The manufacturer’s latest Clavicle Brace is a versatile device which guarantees comfort and provision of excellent body support. This brace is available in two different sizes and comes with foam straps that allow great comfort. Movable D-rings and loop/hook closure mechanism allows the brace to fit in snugly against your body. This is an excellent choice for people who intend to add some modicum of stability to their clavicle or improve the range of motion of their shoulders.

However, many users have complained that the brace can be a little restricting if worn under normal clothes. That is why we recommend the device to be used only at home and that too not for a long period of time.

Gaiam’s Shoulder Back EquiFit Lite Brace


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Developed by a team of orthopedic specialists, this vest like garment gently pulls the shoulders back and in a steady manner, improves posture. Designed specifically for those who ride horses as a hobby or as a job, the device will give you excellent muscle support.

However, this device is also great for those who are suffering from arthritis or a bulging disk. Wearing this brace is likely to relieve pain and improve posture gradually. You do need to know how to make this brace do wonders for you. It would be wise of you to buy a snug fitting t-shirt to wear underneath the brace so as to prevent itching and irritation. Moreover, try not to tighten up the brace right from the word go. Instead, allow your body to adjust to the brace first and then start adjusting it.

Xforce’s Posture Correcting Brace

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One of the best posture braces for the start of 2017, the Posture Correcting Brace developed by Xforce is perfect for relieving pain that emerges from poor posture. Like many of its peers, this brace also wraps around the shoulders and straightens the overall posture. In short, it is also another great option for people who are constantly complaining of neck and back pains. The device is made of breathable latex-free material and comes with soft foam-padded shoulder straps that help avoid discomfort during various movements. Another great feature of this brace is the adjustable buckle closing at the bottom which ensures that slippage doesn’t happen.

This brace is not very expensive and is indeed a great solution for those people whose daily jobs require them to sit in front of PCs all day long.

Final word

All in all, these are some of the best posture braces that have hit the stores this year and while one brace might not do the trick for one person, there is a lot of variety to choose from. From sitting in front of a computer all day long, reading books, driving for long hours, slouching on the sofa and not giving your body the physical activity it needs results in postural problems. If not taken care of, these issues will have serious consequences in the longer run so it is better to start using posture braces in order to avoid that fate. We do have a tendency to adopt poor postures which eventually lead to neck pains, back pains and at times chest pains. So in order to avoid all that or find a remedy for these problems, you need to get yourself the best posture braces in order to return your muscles to their default settings.

Initially, using posture braces will involve a lot of commitment on your part but once you get used to it being around your shoulders and see the results, you will not forget wearing one as long as your posture problems are not corrected. Moreover, by the time your postural conundrums are gone, you will have the ability to work, sit and stand in a healthy posture – like the one you had when you were young.

Moreover, you also need to know that more than just giving you a chance to improve your posture, a back posture brace promises to be a great health care apparatus that in time will return your body to a state where it is enjoying doing the sort of physical activities which at the moment you may find hard to perform.

Different people have different postural problems. This list strives to cover all sort of postural problems and provides reviews of some of the best posture braces so there is definitely something for everyone here. However, the year has only started which means that this list will continue to grow and keep adding more products so that at the end of the day, regardless of what particular postural problem you are facing, you have a range of options to choose from which is something we always hope to do.