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Our backs are slouched, and our bad postures lead to serious health complications, including degeneration of the joints, dysfunction of the spine, rounded shoulders, sports injuries, chronic tension headaches, depression, scoliosis, kyphosis, etc. Since primary school we’ve been forced to sit in front of desks, now we are forced to look in front of monitors hunched back; furthermore, we have to check our emails regularly on our smartphones in order to keep in touch with new information in regards with our jobs. As a result, we have bad postures that cause serious distress in our lives.


Getting Started With Vktech Posture Corrector Review – Product Specifications


  • Vktech Posture Corrector
  • Model Name: Vktech Lady Chest Support Belt Band Posture Corrector
  • Dealer’s Official Website: https://www.bax-u.com/
  • Description: Vktech Posture Corrector Reviews
  • Reshape your posture and chest
  • Make you more confident and healthy
  • Material: 85% Nylon, 15% Polyurethane
  • The back of this product is scientifically designed as a “X”, whoever wears it look younger and slimer.
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Vktech Posture Corrector Design

In order to fix our bad postures, we need to get our back and neck muscles stronger to keep our backs in an upright position. In addition, we need to constantly remind ourselves to keep the back in an upright position and to develop muscle memory, for our bodies to keep the back upright naturally. Two or more hours a day in the gym isn’t enough to keep your back upright; you need to remind yourself to keep your back upright regularly, according to Bret Contreras. But this is easier said than done as we get caught up in work, we forget to keep our backs upright. Therefore, we need to wear vests that force us to sit and walk upright.

The level of comfortableness the Vktech Lady Chest Support Belt Band Posture Corrector Product provides with.

The Vktech Posture Corrector is produced in China; as a result, it is made to fit mostly short and petite women. It can be adapted for larger women with a bra adjuster; however, it can still be uncomfortable to some women. I am 5.8″ tall, and I use a bra adjuster to wear the Vktech Corrector. Without the bra adjuster, my breasts feel uncomfortable. However, I feel very comfortable when I wear this vest with the bra adjuster. My daughter, on the other hand, finds the Vktech Corrector very comfortable to wear. So, the Vktech Posture Corrector is recommended for kids and shorter women with smaller breasts.


Vktech Posture Corrector Details and Features

        • Blood flow restriction

The Vktech Corrector constricts the blood flow a little in the arms, but I’ve found the solution in wearing this Corrector over a camisole. The blood flows naturally when I wear the vest over a camisole, and I don’t feel any pain in my arms.

        • The importance of keeping the shoulders back 

The Vktech Posture Corrector keeps the back in an upright position, but it fails to keep the shoulders back enough. It puts the shoulders back, but I’ve found out that to keep the shoulders back enough; I need to re-arrange my desk. The Vktech Posture Corrector is not enough to keep the shoulders back, so I’ve elevated my monitor to be aligned with my eyes. I elevated my desk, so I don’t have to slouch when I type. Also, I use an office chair to keep my lower back supported. The Vktech vest contributes to proper posture, but it is not enough to keep my back in proper posture.

        • ThIs this vest safe to use with scoliosis? 

It doesn’t have a plastic corset like other vests, so it might not provide with enough support for women with scoliosis. However, it is unlikely that the Vktech Corrector can cause damage, so I think that you’re better off with the Vktech Corrector than without any vest to keep your back in an upright posture. Consult with your doctor for further information.

        • The (in)visible Vktech Corrector  

Depending on the clothes, the Vktech Corrector is unnoticeable unless you are wearing a see-through shirt.

        • Taking off the vest 

Depending on the height and the size of the person wearing the Vktech Vest, it can be hard to put on and to take off the Vktech Corrector. If you’re a taller, larger woman, it could be hard to put on and take off the corrector since it is produced to suit smaller women. It is produced in China, so it is an unavoidable side effect. As a taller woman.


Vktech Posture Corrector


Currently the Vktech Posture Corrector is offered in just beige color


Vktech Posture Corrector Pros

1. It keeps the body in proper posture.
2. The material doesn’t cause sweating in the summer.
3. It is comfortable to wear. It feels like as if you’re being hugged gently by someone.
4. It keeps the back in proper posture even in people with scoliosis and degenerative discs.
5. It keeps the back in proper posture when you sit on the computer.
6. You can wear it comfortably on top and under a shirt.
7. It is unnoticeable under a shirt, unless you wear a see-through shirt.
8. It is an excellent reminder to keep the back in upright position.




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A Few Vktech Posture Corrector Review Concerns

1. It is very tight in the shoulder area. It should be wider for women with wider shoulders, but the tightness caused by the vest can be improved with a bra adjuster.
2. It puts pressure on women’s chest as it is too tight; a bra adjuster solves this problem
3. It leaves marks on the body, which means it constricts the blood flow a little. Wear a camisole under the corrector to solve the blood flow restriction problem.
4. The straps should keep the shoulders back a little more.
5. It is uncomfortable to wear for women with breasts that are bigger than 34 inches. Women who wear a D cup bra can wear the corrector under the bra to prevent the feeling of their breasts being squeezed.
6. It is uncomfortable to wear for 24 hours, but it decreases slouching during the day, and it keeps the back in a better position.


Considering the cheap price of the Vktech Corrector, it is a good vest for keeping the back in an upright position. It is not a magical solution for bad posture, but it keeps my back in a better posture. In combination with my workout routine and my spine-friendly office desk, the Vktech Corrector improved my posture drastically. If you’re on a low budget, the Vktech Corrector is a good vest that will keep your back in an upright position. I especially recommend this vest for your daughters as my daughter loves to wear the Vktech Corrector, and she doesn’t get tension headaches as often as she did once she started wearing the Vktech vest.  We hope you enjoyed our Vktech Posture Corrector Review!

Vktech Lady Chest Support Belt Band Posture Corrector

Vktech Posture Corrector

Vktech Posture Corrector
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